VRP Superflo Cooling Pump

VRP Superflo Cooling Pump


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This is the Best Intercooler pump Currently on the market for the M113K AMG

Other vendors sell a similar pump for $1,400!!!

on paper pumps like the CM30 look great, but when theyre used in our cooling system with the resistance of the HE and the Intercooler they fall flat on their face. Here are acctual tests results we found by stacking pumps up side by side, the only thing we changed each time was the pump!

with the IC system resistance:

Topsflo TA50 1.8 gpm
CM30 3.37 gpm
bosch 002 4.03 gpm
bosch 010 5.13 gpm
CWA50 5.56 gpm

VRP Superflo 7 gpm

The numbers here represent how long it took each pump to fill a 5 gallon bucket through the stock system: