E85 Flex-Fuel conversion Kit Version 2

E85 Flex-Fuel conversion Kit Version 2


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63 AMG:
This kit is compatible with stock injectors and fuel pumps unless you have upgraded Headers or a Supercharger. If your vehicle is equiped with headers we recommend 550cc Injectors.

55k AMG:
*This kit will require Larger injectors (750cc reccomended) and our AEM 320lph or Walbro 450lph E85 Compatible Fuel pumps 

Easy-to-install full automatic E85 conversion kit for gasoline engines. With this conversion kit you can safely use considerably affordable E85 fuel, regular gasoline, or any mixture of the two.

connect with your Android device. With the free FlexFuel Commander app for Android you can monitor vital information.

Increase horsepower and torque and run cooler with E85

Run flawlessly on any combination of gasoline and ethanol

Flawlessly maintain proper air-fuel ratios

    Mercedes E55 AMG
Great Gains in HP and Torque
30HP and 20 foot-pounds of torque on a modified car

Mercedes C63 AMG
30 hp and ftlbs of Torque


This kit includes the necessary adapters for your injector harness and for USCar type injectors, Send us an EMail at if youre running other connectors on your injectors