Mercedes 500 55 Engine 

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Black Series  Engine Mount

Black Series Engine Mount

**Please check compatibility list below**Mercedes OEM Black series Mounts, Compatible with 2001-2006 CL552003-2006 E552003-2009 SL552003-2006 CLS552001-2006 S552000-2006 CL5002000-2006 S5002003-2006 CLK5002000-2006 S4302006 CLS500, CLS5502003-2006 E5002007-2009 E5502005-2010 SLK5002007-2011 CLS632008-2010 CL632009-2012 SL632007-2009 E632008-2010 S63Firmer than factory Mounts, Transfers m..
Intake manifold Thermalnator Gasket

Intake manifold Thermalnator Gasket

Thermalnator is a unique high temperature shielding gasket which replaces the stock intake manifold gasket. Thermalnator’s cooling properties reduce heat by stopping metal to metal contact between the intake manifold and the engine block. By using a Thermalnator gasket, you will reduce the heat of the air entering your engine, making up to 5% more power. Thermalnator gaskets allow the intake manif..
M113 M112 Catch Can

M113 M112 Catch Can

The factory crank breather system allows oil to circulate back into the intake system, through the supercharger ad back into the combustion chamber.Having oil caked onto your intake valves can cause the following symptoms:KnockingPre-ignitionLoss in powerLoss in fuel economyCatch can setups prevent oil from re-entering the intake tract, check your catch can periodically and empty it when you find ..
VRP M113 Performance Camshafts

VRP M113 Performance Camshafts

Precision regrind camshaftsIncreased lift and duration from stock camshaftsIncreased power from 2500+ RPMover 20whp to the wheelsIncludes:CamshaftsAssembly LubeOne week build time. ***CORES REQUIRED..