63 AMG series Longtube Headers (CL63, CLS63, C63, E63, S63, SL63)


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MBH Mercedes 63 AMG Long tube headers. Our 63 AMG long tube headers are built in the “Tri-Y” design. We do this to take advantage of the 63 AMG equipped with the M156 6.3 liter, naturally aspirated engine. These headers are able to build low end torque, along with fantastic horsepower gains throughout the entire RPM range. With help for our advanced scavenging design.

As always our 63 AMG long tube headers are made right here in the USA, using only the best quality US made stainless steel. In fact our stainless steel is some of the best quality stainless steel you can get anywhere. MBH’s 63 AMG long tube headers use heavy, 16 gauge, T-304 stainless steel. 


We hand select all the material to be used in our 63 AMG long tube headers. As only the best quality tubing is used. During the build process, we are constantly inspecting the header system. To ensure the quality of our 63 AMG long tube headers is at the highest level. 


Our 63 AMG long tube headers are capable of making 40 or more wheel horsepower and 40 or more wheel torque over stock. As a stand alone modification. 


With our 63 AMG long tube headers, you can be assured you are getting the best available long tube headers for your 63 AMG on the market today.

E63 fits both W211 and W212


* Mid-Section add-on parts are sold seperately as options. Our mid-section allows the MBH Header system to be 100% bolt-on. The Standard MBH Motorsports Mid-section does not come with an X-pipe (as show in picture above) Mid-section requires you to delete the tunnel crossbar below the secondary cats

* X-Pipe option is an add-on part to the MBH Motorsports mid-section (as shown in picture above). The X-Pipe does not come standard with the mid-section.

* High flow cats is an add-on part to the MBH Motorsports mid-section. We will intergrate the cats into the mid-section as a fixed piece (welded). MBH Motorsports cats can be used with X-Pipe option as well as removeable test pipe option (non-welded) as well.

* Removeable test pipe option is an add on part to the MBH mid-section. It will allow the MBH Motorsports high flow cats to be removeable and replace with a non-catted straight-pipe for track use.

* MBH Motorsports mid-section and any of it's add-on options will only work in conjucion with the MBH Motorsports long tube headers.